Mass Velocity is a full-service boutique creative agency that’s been in business since 2011. Our services range from social media management, to web development, to copywriting, to print design. From small or family-owned, to large enterprises and public organizations, we love clients of all sizes! We work with local, provincial, and national clients in a variety of industries. We have worked in partnership with the Government of Canada, the Downtown Victoria Business Association, Essilor Canada, Transitions Lenses, and Warner Music Canada.

Mass Velocity’s story starts in 2002, when Owen and Sarah met as teens in Victoria. They nerdily bonded over a mutual love of – among other things – building websites. Eventually, they decided to git commit and get hitched. Owen spent the next decade working for a book publisher and a design agency as both a designer and web developer. At the same time, Sarah freelanced as a web designer and social media enthusiast while working as an eye care professional. After four years in Metro Vancouver, they moved back home to Victoria in 2011 for the birth of their first child. Mass Velocity Media was born shortly afterward. Since then we have grown to a band of five who like to debate the latest Star Wars movie at quiz nights (we have our own team T-Shirts).

Our team loves what we do and are genuinely excited to help our clients reach their goals. We like to move fast and pride ourselves on responding at lightning speed to our clients. Let’s get you moving!

  • Owen Lett

    Partner, Lead Developer and Designer, Senior 1990s Toyota Corolla Station Wagon Consultant

    Owen has been designing and building websites since the days of Netscape Navigator and <blink>, but he’ll work on just about anything – from hospital websites to transit maps to real estate signage to custom WordPress themes to corporate graphic guidelines. Owen has collaborated with multi-national corporations, independent retailers, regional transportation agencies, non-for-profit health foundations, and many real estate developers. With his multidisciplinary skillset, Owen can design and produce at just about any stage of any project. If it hasn’t been done before, he’ll learn how to do it. If it has been done before, he’ll learn how to do it better. His skills are many, his knowledge is vast, and his puns are terrible.

    His dream is to one day own a Corolla All-Trac wagon (manual, low kms, white).

  • Sarah Lett

    Partner, Social Media Specialist, Digital Marketing Strategist, Nerd Culture Ambassador

    Sarah's first website was on GeoCities in the 90s and she's never looked back. She's grown online communities from 0 to over 28,000 strong and struck a chord with influencers ranging from the video game to optical industry. With over eleven years experience in the optical industry, Sarah is a digital phoropter for eye care professionals. You can read her articles in multiple national eye care professional magazines and blogs, and covered both national and international conferences with her social media flare and SnapChat filters. She's given talks to groups of entrepreneurs and optical professionals about how to strategically deploy social media.

    In her off hours, Sarah can be found bringing down dragons in Theadas or Skyrim, or having an all-night board game sesh.

  • Kirsten James

    Social Media Wizard, Copywriter, Designer, Junior Developer, Lover of Penguins, Ingester of Caffeine

    Kirsten holds a BA in Professional Communication from Royal Roads University. She has been creating radical things for over 12 years for music festivals, rock artists, software companies, cafes, and her mom.

  • Emily Pietraszek

    Project Manager, Social Media Strategist, Copywriter, Succulent Enthusiast

    With a thirst for power and a yearning for control, project management comes naturally to Emily. The first in her family to create an email address (and by no small coincidence, the first to download malware onto the family computer), Emily has always been an Internet Person™ and managing digital projects is a perfect fit. Emily is also a Registered Acupuncturist and Scorpio – you’ve been warned!

  • Barbara Bruce


    Barb can't remember anything before waking up on a fishing boat off the shore of Marseille, but she intuitively has the skills to █████, ████, build ███ using only ███ and ████, track ██████, and bookkeeping. With occasional flashbacks to her past 25 years in the retail industry, and Klingon Opera, Barb is also a published songwriter and community volunteer.


227 Beechwood Ave
Victoria, BC
V8S 3W6