The Ghost of Mass Velocity’s Year Past

We wish you and all the special people/animals/Cratchits in your life all best wishes this festive season. 2018 was an even bigger year for Mass Velocity thanks to your support and referrals. We’ve met new people, worked on exciting new projects, and helped some of you also achieve your best year. There never was such a goose! We look forward to seeing what 2019 will bring.

The Ghost of Mass Velocity’s Present


It is with a heavy heart and a trumpeting of horns that we announce that Kirsten James will be moving on to bigger and louder things. She will be working full time at our best local radio station, and will no longer be subject to our highly elaborate office pranks (except for one more, which she doesn’t know about yet). We wish her the best.


The Ghost of Invoices Future

You may have noticed we’ve started providing invoices (and estimates) via an online app called PandaDoc. Now our PandaDoc invoices are integrated with Stripe, and payments may be made directly via credit card (or debit card, where available).

Please note that additional fees are applicable, and will be indicated on an invoice. Payments via cheque or e-transfer are not subject to these additional fees.

Our 2018 Holiday Gift

This year, in honour of our clients, Mass Velocity has provided a Christmas donation to support Women of Courage.

The Victoria Women’s Transition House Society’s helps women leaving abusive relationships, also providing supportive programs for their youth.

Please visit for more information.